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iPhone 5 Won't Turn on Unless Plugged In After Battery Change

TLDR: iPhone 5 only half work after battery change, me sad. Check video or pics below to see what it's like to be sad boy.

iPhone 5 had a swollen battery; home button wasn't even working and screen was starting to come out on the left side. After deducing it was due to a swollen battery, I changed the batteries for a new one.

I bought the batteries from here:

The reviews all claim it's a "certified" battery made by Sony. Being a sad boy, I can't tell the difference anyways.

Please check out these photos if it'll help you experts.

The following is a summary of events and things I've tried:

-After I changed it, the home button worked again, and everything as far as I could tell worked (but I hadn't put the SIM card in yet). As it was late I went to sleep.

-~12 hours later (the morning after), I slapped the SIM card in, and it still worked fine but the 3G data wasn't displaying, so I did a hard reset.

-After the hard reset, it would turn on to the lock screen for a couple seconds, before turning off.

-IF plugged in, it will work PERFECTLY.

-If I unplug it, it would turn off in a few seconds (as if the power was cut off, not as if one regularly turned it off)

-Tried replugging everything according to the iFixit guide several times.

-Now it's pretty much the same but sometimes displays the "need to charge phone" icon. Also, it won't even go to the lock screen anymore.

Some other strange behavior:

-100% of the time when I leave it on timer while plugged in, then unplug it, it'll stay on for as long as the timer is sounding off (check end of video below to see what I mean).

-Once (after doing a hard restore from iTunes), it lasted an entire hour without being plugged in. I could play an entire round of PvZ 2, surf on Safari and everything. But the moment I try to make a phone call or receive a phone call, it turns off.

-It did it once after that too, but without the hard restore.

Check out the YouTube video here to see:

EDIT: Forgot to add - Before the battery change, the reason I became aware of the swollen battery in the first place was because it would turn off randomly after 1-2 hours of usage at 70-80%. Sometimes less and only kept getting worse. By the time I got around to changing the battery it probably lasted a whole 30 minutes of usage on average before turning off.

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What is the percentage at while plugged in and working?


It's never been calibrated so not sure if accurate. It was 94% the moment I changed the battery the first time. The morning after, ~80% before turning off. Can never get it below now since it only works when plugged in so essentially always 100% now.


Might be faulty battery.


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connect your iphone 5 to an iMac or MacBook and use the app called coconut battery so you can find out some info on your battery.

Most likely is that your ‘new’ battery is faulty (there are many revived ones out there, sold as new) so please try a new battery before anything else.

The IOS is smart, so it will turn off when it notices a power drain the battery can’t handle. This happens with your old battery too.

Another cause could be the power management on the motherboard, but knowing your old battery pushed your screen out of its housing, I am pretty sure it’s not the cause

Please let us know if a new good battery solved the issue

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