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What's the BEST way to remove iPhone 6 EMI shields?

We got a lot of iPhone 6's in that are water damaged and need to remove the EMI shields for proper cleaning. With as much detail as possible, can someone please tell us exactly what you do to remove all of the iPhone 6 EMI shields without damaging the boards?

From what we've seen so far, there's one shield that's a lot more stubborn than the others. Do you use more heat on this one? What kind of heat? Soldering iron with flux? hot air?

Even for the less stubborn shields, we're having a lot more trouble removing them than we did with the iPhone 5s'. For them, we simply used a hot air gun at 250 degrees C for a minute or two, and they pop right off. NOT the case with the iPhone 6...but I'm sure it's because we don't have the proper temperature or aren't using the right method for removing them.

I've looked online and haven't found anything very specific in terms of the right temperature to use with a hot air gun or soldering iron, whether or not to use fllux, etc etc etc.

We currently have a hot air station (with digital temperature controls), a soldering iron, soldering tweezers and flux. We're absolutely open to buying whatever else it is we may need to properly remove these shields.

Please can someone tell us the easiest way to remove them in as much detail as possible?

Thanks so much!

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hot air is your best bet

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I've watched that video a few times already...the guy is not very detailed at all in what he's doing. After watching that video for the 2nd time last week, we used hot air at his recommended temperature (400 deg C) and melted off the battery connector. Totally separate issue but have no idea how to get that back on. While the battery connector melted right off...the shield it self wouldn't even budge.

I do have this board as our sort of 'practice' board now that we've melted the battery connector off...Have you done any iPhone 6 EMI shield removal? If so, can you please tell me the exact process you follow?


did you use the heat sink as shown in the video . This helps localize the heat and keeps from melting the connector off the board .Also use the Insulating Kapton Tape to further isolate the area to be heated . Thats the yellow tape you see in the video . Once again this keeps the area you dont want to overheat from getting to hot by deferring the heat


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The heat gun is the best way but just keep the heat spread around ,good luck

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