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Apple anunció el Retina MacBook 2015, modelo A1534, el 9 de marzo de 2015 para su lanzamiento el 10 de abril. Tiene una nueva construcción Unibody e incluye un trackpad, teclado y pantalla Retina actualizados.

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MacBook 12 (2015) won't power up but shows battery indicator on screen

I have just recently formatted my internal hard drive of my beautiful 2015 macbook 12 inch. It went to internet recovery mode after the format but for some reason it switched off by itself. Now when I try to power it on, nothing happens, no chime, just a black screen with the exception of the battery power indicator appearing on the screen when I put the charging cable in it or if I do a smc reset. Please help. Was just about to sell this beautiful piece of equipment hence the format.

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How much were you going to sell it for? And is it on ebay?

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Once it's up up and running again will post a link to my eBay item :)

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Don't give up yet! ;-}

Do you have access to a second Mac system which you can connect your system to via Thunderbolt. If you do setup your system in Target Mode to then use the other system to prep the SSD drive again and then do the OS install from it (download the OS installer from the App Store).

If you don't have a means to connect the systems then you could also prep up a USB thumb drive to then use to boot up your system to then prep your internal drive.

Follow these steps: How to install OS X on an external drive connected to your Mac

Here's another write-up: How to Make an OS X Yosemite Boot Installer USB Drive

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Is it still under warranty?

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@mayer - If the SSD is bad it should be covered. I suspect he just corrupted something. I think a clean format & install should fix things. If not I agree its time to visit Apple ;-}

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Thanks Dan. Will give your suggestions a try today and see how it goes. Will let you know if it is up and running.

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Hi Dan. How do I start my mac up so it can read the external drive?

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Did you create the bootable USB drive? You'll need to do that first then with it plugged in start the Mac holding the Option key to select the USB drive as your boot drive. Once you get that far run Dusk Utility from the USB drive to check your internal drive.

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