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El Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES), o simplemente Super Nintendo, es una consola de juegos de 16 bits lanzada por Nintendo en 1990. Super Nintendo fue uno de los más vendidos de su tiempo y todavía tiene una gran base de fans en la actualidad.

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L and R buttons not working.

I have had this SNES controller for a long time that's L-button is not working. So I took it apart today, cleaned all the parts and put it back together. But now the R-button doesn't work either! So all the other buttons work great, except L and R buttons. I have no idea what the problem is. I used a multimeter to determine that current gets through the connection when button is being pressed. I see no visible damage to the circuit board or wiring inside the controller. Is there anything I can do to fix this?

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I opened the controller again and put it back together, and now the R button works again. But the L button doesn't. I did some troubleshooting and I believe all the connections are fine inside the controller. But whatever chip that controls the controller (Mitsumi V520B) doesn't respond to the L button. I guess there's nothing I can do about it, unless someone can tell me where I can find a replacement circuit board for my controller.

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I'm taking a wild stab at this one after looking at the internals of a SNES controller. It appears that the signal transfers through the circuitry after the button is pressed, very similar to how all of the buttons on that controller work.

Open the controller again and take a look at the silicon pad that the L-button presses down on. If that pad is glossy or shiny then it's not making a proper connection. There are at least two ways to clean up the silicon pad:

  1. Take an eraser and lightly rub the shininess away so you get a dull, matte finish. You can even take the eraser and clean up the contact on the board.
  2. Get a sheet of paper and gently drag the silicon pad across it until you get a solid, dark gray streek.

Try those out and see if it brings the L-button back to life.

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I have cleaned all the parts the best I could. I don't think the problem is in the connections, because I read a connection using a multimeter. I even used a piece of wire to connect the pins of the chip inside the controller directly to ground. I managed to get all the other buttons to respond this way, except the L button. So I believe the problem is in the chip itself. So probably the only way to fix this would be to replace the chip (it's probably unlikely I would be able to find a spare chip) or the whole circuit board. But this is not a big problem since many games don't utilize the L and R buttons.

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