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Does newly installed display require PRAM reset?

I installed a replacement Hi-Res matte LCD display screen for my late 2007 17" MacBook Pro, and when it booted, the display showed the boot Apple logo, but it was larger than it normally is, and stretched. The screen would hang at that point, displaying some spurious pixels in the bottom area. I reinstalled the original display (which was fine except not bright enough), and it worked fine. The seller of the replacement screen suggested resetting the PRAM. Is a PRAM reset needed when installing a new LCD display, or should the correct display "just work"?

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I suspect that it's not the hi-rez display. Resetting the PRAM may correct it.

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The new display said "WUXGA" which is hi-res. Labeling said LP171WU1(TL)(A3) while the original said LP171WU1(TL)(B1). The same problem is reported at Spare Part Number? 17" LCD Display 1920x1200

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Well the B1 is a newer version, go with it.

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The B1 is the original screen that seems dim now, which I wanted to replace. It is interesting that the replacement part, listed as new, is actually an older version. The A3 also did not have the screw holes along the bottom of the LCD that the B1 has (matching the case), and the wire for the inverter came out of the screen about 2cm to the right.

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