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A splash-proof, portable Bluetooth speaker from JBL, released September 2015.

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JBL Connect drawing App malfunctions, no effects

The drawing function (last one on the right) in the Android JBL CONNECT App V doesn't produce any drawings on the speaker, the only effect after drawing eg "Hi" on the screen is that the lights go off and a 2cm orange stripe appears in the rear part on the bottom... Very disappointing ...and I already updated it to the newest version from Aug 2016. Any idea what's wrong?

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Hello, I have the same problem with the drawing function, and I also have a problem with the JBL Prism color sensor lens that doesn't detect the color I'm pointing. Do you have the same issue ? And did you find a solution ?

Thank you in advance.

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The drawing function just sucks because I have the same issues. However , the color selection works great. What you need to do is place the lense directly on the object or color you want. Cut off any outside lighting to the object. I mean really push the lense against it. Then press the button. That works 99% of the time for me.

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