Repair guides and support for Panasonic's Viera line of televisions.

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My Panasonic Viera has no power. Will not turn on.

My Panasonic Viera won't turn on. There are no blinking lights. Nothing. It is dead.

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Thanks so much for the tips. I tried them all but still nothing. I even went out and found a new power cord. luck though.



What is the model number of your TV? It could possibly be a blown fuse on the power board, if there is one that is. If there is and it has, the problem then is to determine why it has blown.


TH-58PX60U is the model number for my TV


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Check the power outlet to make sure your tv is getting power , If you have power try a hard reset . Pull the plug and with the power disconnected hold the power button on for 60 seconds. After at least the 60 seconds plug the tv in and try to start it. If it works great if not , hold the power button in the on position for a count of 20 with the tv plugged in . If theres still no Joy try power with one of your volume buttons at the same time . One of these should provide a hard reset for the tv. Hope this helps

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