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Apple anunció el Retina MacBook 2015, modelo A1534, el 9 de marzo de 2015 para su lanzamiento el 10 de abril. Tiene una nueva construcción Unibody e incluye un trackpad, teclado y pantalla Retina actualizados.

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Keyboard replacement (no buttons are working / yes it's connected ;) )


I had a douche tip a beer on my MacBook in an airline lounge and all seemed to be working so I let him off with buying me another beer. A few days later all the keys started sticking so I attempted to remove a few to clean them with alcohol and then had to buy a few replacement buttons. I'm sure all who have tried before me will attest to the new butterfly mechanism being a PITA so after it got worse and worse I ended up just buying a whole new keyboard. I have successfully replaced the keyboard physically thanks to ifixit's toolkit however the MacBook doesn't recognise it (no buttons work). Is there something else I need to do to achieve this or have apple duded me again by not allowing DIY repairs?

Any help is appreciated

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Dumbass over here forgot to push down one of the ribbon retaining bars. All fixed now

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