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Why is my TV rebooting on it's own?

Model: Vizio M502i-B1

Version: V1.3.24-FHD


When turning on the television, the power indicator light comes on, then dims for approximately 20 seconds, lights up brightly again, and then the backlight comes on, the Vizio logo appears, and the television functions. This occurs every time the TV starts up.

Frequently I will have the following issues while using the TV:

- The TV will randomly reboot while watching a TV show through a coaxial cable or through an HDMI on my PlayStation 4. This often occurs when something bright flashes on the screen (similar to a strobe light effect).

- After changing inputs, the TV will become “stuck” and I can no longer change the channel or change inputs without the TV automatically resetting itself. For example, I can use the remote to enter a new channel or select an input, but when I press “OK,” the TV resets.

Troubleshooting Attempts:

- I reseated the power cable and all input cables.

- I changed my HDMI cable.

- I changed the batteries in the remote control.

- I switched power outlets.

- I have tried using a surge protector and not using one.

- I have tried power cycling the television.

After doing all of the following, the television still continues to have the same issues. Power cycling seemed to help briefly but would take a long time to be effective. For example, every time I have attempted a power cycle, the TV would not turn back on for at least 8 hours. I normally attempt it at night and wait until the morning to turn the TV on because in my experience, it will not turn on after a power cycle earlier than that.

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I had this problem with my Vizio TV and I did a factory reset (parental code: 0000). That seems to have cleared it up. Also I didn't enable all of the network stuff this time around. I'm just using it as a monitor so it doesn't need it anyway.

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