Released on September 19, 2014, this 5.5" screen iPhone is the larger version of the iPhone 6.

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Itunes Shows Error 2005

Hello everybody

First of all when i want to restore my phone with new restore it shows for me iTunes ERROR 2005, Then i tried to many popular solutions like am updated the last version of iTunes and update also my PC, I tried many different cables, then also i tried another PC. In some website said turn OFF the antivirus and firewall , but this error still the same.

And also i do this before i start restore (Press and hold both the sleep/wake and the Home button until the screen goes black. Release the sleep/wake button but continue holding the Home button for about 20 seconds. After about 20 seconds, you should see your iPhone pop up in iTunes in recovery mode, asking for a restore. Your iPhone LCD should remain black).

if anyone can help me to solve this problem please help me

Thank you

Update (08/13/2016)

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Its still shows this error

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please anyone can help me


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This problem is usually caused by loosing connection during the sync. If you have tried different cables, I would verify on a second computer. If the problem remains, then you will most likely need a new charge port. Oh and make sure you are not using a USB hub.

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Try to clean the iPhone connector with compressed air.

Try DFU Mode

1) Connect your iPhone to the computer with iTunes running.

2) Start holding Power button for 3 seconds.

3) Hold Home button but don't let go of the Power button, 10 seconds.

4) Keep holding Home and let go of Power. About 15 seconds just to be sure.

Warning in DFU mode the screen is black, there are no iTunes logo it's recovery mode.

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yes this happen i can fix but u have to come Abudhabi becoz this is a hardware problem . 1st fix hardware then update software it will be work 100 %.

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