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iPhone screen only works if I hold it

Hello all, I have replaced my Iphone 5S screen after the original failed. After the screen had been attached to the phone I have noticed that the screens touch is not responsive if the phone is sitting on a table and not being held or touched by any other part of my other hand. In other words I have to be holding the phone in one hand and using the other on the screen to get a response. It's almost as if I need to make the circuit from finger to phone case to get a response from the screen. I have tried the screen with different phones and the same thing happens. Has anyone ever come across this before and do you know what is happening. I should also add that when the phone is connected to it's charger then everything works fine. The screen swipes and all functions work. As soon as I disconnect the charger then nothing works on the screen unless I am holding the frame of the phone with my other hand.

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I have the same problem, but mine is an iPhone SE and it's basically new. I have never took the phone apart either.


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After trying all the suggestions I have come to the conclusion that it was a cheap malaysian screen and therefore the problem was in the manufacture. Once I put a decent screen on the phone all the issues disappeared. The moral of the story is you only get what you pay for. Thanks to everyone for helping me out.

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Paul Le Roy

You hit the nail on the head with "a cheap malaysian screen"

Switched by "SWITCH" the retailer for Apple in malaysia

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But okay you sound corrupted robot sir.

Anyway I used to have this at one point due to the low quality batch of aftermarket screens. Luckily this year I don't get that anymore.


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I would open your phone again and check the digitizer connection then check to see if the board connection is damaged.

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Probably a loose connection. Can be on the connector to the mother board, then it is a matter of pulling it out cleaning the receptacle and re-seating the connector. In most cases this solves the problem. Make sure that all the contact plates on the receptacle are in good shape and none is bent. If bent, carefully put it back in position using the other plates as reference (do it very slowly and on stages to avoid snapping the plate).

It also could be a bad connection on the LCD screen, most likely power line, positive or negative is failing. Such a problem will typically require a lab to be fixed (soldering is tricky, temperature and moisture sensitive) or easier a new screen.

I would also suggest checking the LCD line to make sure it is not torn anywhere. If it is, very delicate resoldering can fix it, however, it is not necessarily an easy job.

Let us know what it is...

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