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Este Power Mac G4 tiene puertas de unidad de espejo.

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How do I remove the processor from a MDD computer?

I want to remove the processor and mother board from my computer so that I can install a new motherboard and processor but I cannot figure out how to release the processor from the board.

Any written instructions or photo help files on this topic would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

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This guide is incomplete but will get you down to the CPUs.: How do I remove the processor from a MDD computer?

Please tell us the specific MDD you have (on a plate on the back of the machine.

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Hello Laurie,

First you need to discharge yourself - touch a metal surface of the MDD with your hand and right after you've done that you can continue safely.

*Edit : Remove the Heatsink*

the yellow box indicates the connector underneath.

1 - in these two ellipses go your thumbs. apply a bit pressure.

2 - index and middle finger go under the board and pull up the board gently. you work against the pressure of your thumbs and the force of the connector. but I find this quite comfortable.

Block Image

Regards Jan.

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