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A large smartphone by LG, released in fall 2014. The LG G3 (D855) boasts a Quad HD IPS display and a 13-megapixel camera.

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Phone gets stuck on LG logo start up screen and flashes repeatedly?

My LG G3 switched off by itself and the battery was at 50%. It now will not switch on. The LG logo start up screen comes on for a second then it goes black and does this repeatedly. The same thing happens when i charge it. The charging icon appears and then flashes on and off. I am not concerned about the phone. What I do want to know it how can I retrieve my photos?

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how to get phone unstuck on logo

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Guys, A friendly reminder that this user was deleted and will not respond. @jc9464 I recommend you ask a new question. if you want tips on asking a good question, I made a guide: Cómo hacer una pregunta

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I have a LG premiere when I turn it on the screen keeps flashing the start up screen. Like when it's brand new and it ask what laungues and stuff I try to power it off and it won't. I try and hold all 3 buttons down to do a reboot and it won't. It's fully charged. I've took the battery out and tried resetting it that way. When I have it off and charging the screen doesn't blink. Please help I've drove my self crazy. There's not a don't or scratch one on the phone looks like it just came outta the box! Thanks in advance

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Did you find a solution? I'm having the same problem.

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Try to put the phone in download mode and see if it stays on. If it does not stay on then the motherboard is messed up, if it does then you might have to get the LG repaired or Resetted. might be ablet o save data.

How to enter download mode on G3

You must switch off the device to start the process.

Then press and hold the “Volume Up” and connect the USB cable from phone to PC.

Use the original USB cable. Because, other device’s cable may not be detected in the Computer. So, only we recommend it to use the original one that you got it when you bought the phone.

Wait for the driver installation on PC.

Then you will get the download mode screen in your phone.

That’s it.

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Thanks for your reply. I have not got the original cable, I have to go and get one but I used another cable and the download mode screen came on but then started flashing on and off. Will it make a difference if I use the original cable?

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Do i keep holding the volume Up until it is installed

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Is there a way to do this without using a pc?

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hello guys my LG f400l keeps flashing during the power on process how do I solve this plz help

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Hello plz help me solve the tack up process for LG f400l during the power on process

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I know this posting query is old, but nonetheless my experiences might be useful to somebody,

I've got an LG G3 phone bought new 6 or 7 years ago. It suddenly started flipping back to the Logo screen about 3 weeks ago and blinking non-stop. The Green light kept fading until no more. Occasionally, it would reach the homepage only to flip again after a minute or two.

Looked up the Internet to get some info on the prob, but most said it was probably the motherboard. Just today, I threw it in my shopper to take to a recycling centre and decided to give it one last try. The battery still had sufficient juice to boot it up and reached the home page but only for a minute then it flipped as usual. It then dawned on me it could actually be the battery at fault and remembered I still had a spare somewhere in the house bought at the same time,

What do you know, I put it on charge and then switched the phone back on. It works like new again.

It thus appears that although a battery might be charging to 100%, that doesn't mean it's still in good enough condition, Some of the cells in the battery can die off thus seriously reducing the charging power which is why my old phone wasn't able to stay on the home page long enough for me to make calls or use the Net.

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