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How can I clean out my Lightning connector?

My iPhone 6 seems to have something stuck inside the Lighning connector. As a consequence, I can't get the charging cable in, so can't charge the phone. Is there a recommended way (or tool) for cleaning it out?

Thanks in advance

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This is probably bad practice but I clean lightning dock charger port holes with tweezers or a equivalent tool and make sure to not touch or bend the charging port pins inside the port.


I'm embarrassed to say but I also had a loose-fitting charging cable and thought the metal connectors were loose. Turns out that it was filled with lint. A pair of needle nose bent forceps were used to tease out a giant bezoar of lint from the connector cavity and now it works like a charm!


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Bamboo toothpick works quite well in this situation. It's not metal so it is less likely to short out or bend the pins.

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Many thanks Tom, it worked! I actually used a plastic toothpick from a Victorinox Swiss Army Knife, but it worked great. Pulled out a piece of pencil-sharpening and a small piece of sellotape! No idea how they got in there! But the lightning connector now clicks into place again and the phone is charging as we speak.

Many thanks!



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