How do I get the screen off of my iPhone?

My iPhone 5 screen will not come off, even with the iSclack. How do I get the screen off?

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Did you remove the two bottom screws that are besides the charging port.


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Hey Michelle Sinnett,

This issue is very commonly.

So you have the screen and the frame, sometimes the frame stays in the phone. Try to peel up the frame with an opening tool.

Hope that works.

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Has the screen been replaced before?

My method of removing iPhone 5 to 6+ screens is to take off the two pentalobe screws on the bottom.

Use a razor blade to pry the bottom slightly then work your way up starting from the left or right lower side of the phone, and never pry the top part of the phone or near it ever as it's held in by clips which you can't pry off.

You will need to start to lift up the phone from the bottom then unplug battery then unplug the 3 ribbon connectors for the front display assembly after you taken off the 3 screws and make sure you don't mix them up or you can damage the board if you put the demagnetized screw in one of the lower two metal cover screw holes which sit on top of the logic board.

Bad quality and/or bad glued / adhesived frames which are usually on cheap screens tend to have an issue where the frame just breaks or separates from the glass making it increasingly difficult to take the screen off properly or without damaging it. Using the razor blade method instead of a suction cup makes it easier when this problem occurs.

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