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Saab 95 battery, or starter

My car will not turn over. What size or model battery is best for a Saab 95 should i replace it? I hear clicking and feel the engine trying to start. Any help would greatly be appreciated.

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Before changing the battery, try tapping the starter with a heavy object, no metallic works as you might arc and spark if the area is tight. I used to hit from the bottom. If it starts, your starter is worn.

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The fact that the motor is trying to turn over indicates the starter motor is probably ok, If this is so you need a new battery. You don't have to buy a saab battery, any reputable brand will do. You need a 70 Ah battery then can produce 600CCA and which preferably has 11 plates.

Take these specs to the shop and you will be fine. Make sure the terminals on the battery are the same way around as your exisitng battery.

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