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After water damage and properly treated battery dies over night


I have repaired a water damaged iPhone 5.

I gutted the phone, cleaned all the connections with 99% Isopropyl Alcohol and cleaned the logic board in it also.

After the first wash the phone worked but needed a new LCD and Digitiser. I ordered the items and did another wash on the whole phone to make sure it's fine.

I replaced the screen and also replaced the battery for safety reasons, everything was fine, the phone ran like it was new.

But then I charged it up to 100% and turned off the phone, by morning the phone wouldn't turn on because it is out of charge, so I am now charging it and it has turned on after being on charge for 10 mins but only has 4% battery.

Could someone please help why I have lost 100% of charge while the phone is off? I think something is short circuiting...



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Give it another day -- phones do that sometimes. If tomorrow it does the same thing lmk.

-- thereidfleish

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Thank you, what should I do if it does it again?


Even without using the phone and it being on it has dropped about 20% in 2 hours. WIFI off and aeroplane mode on...


Idk what to tell you, sorry about that... maybe bring it to an Apple store


I don't think Apple store will help for a out of warranty iPhone due to water damage.


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