alarm light and jam message remain on

My Canon Pixma MP280 Printer won't turn alarm light and E03 message off (E03 is a paper jam, but there is nothing jamming the feed). Scanning won't work either

So far, I have:

- turned printer off and on

- restarted computer and printer

- turned off printer, moved print heads to the left, turned on

- re-installed the printer software

- used this detailed suggestion from Jayeff on Jan 10:

1. Turn off the printer .

2. Press the Stop button for 2 second and hold it.

3. Press the On button, hold it and release the Stop button.

4. Press Stop button 5 times then release together, with the On button.

5. LCD display will blank and now resetting.

6. Computer will detect new hardware just ignore it.

7. Turn off the printer then turn it On.

8. Remove the cartridges and clean the heads after powering it back on

but after step 6, the orange error light kept blinking with no error code showing. So I proceeded to step 7, and it went back to the original orange light with E03 error message.

Any ideas? is a Canon Pixma MP280 just not fixable?

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Problem fixed! Please see my answer below - Linda


when I turn on my canon ip2770, orange flashes appeared 3x and repeatedly. If I try maintenance print , message will appear "Paper jammed" even there's no paper or foreign object. I brought the printer to a repair shop and it prints well. But when i connects it at home, still problem occurs. There's no similar problem to mine. How to solve this problem? Thanks!leah


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Hi Kevin,

I decided to do a whole bunch of YouTube searches and found the answer (and no need for disassembly!)

1. Turn Off Your Printer.

2. Take a legal paper sized cardboard of 3 to 5 mm thickness.

3. Put it in the paper feeding tray and push it in

I couldn't do step 3 (push it through) because the cardboard just wouldn't go through. I was using a light weight cardboard, about the thickness of 4 pieces of regular printing paper. Anyhow, I started turning the printer off and on while trying to push the cardboard through. All of the sudden, the cardboard fed through and came out with a rubber bank on top of it. That's what was hidden and jamming the feed!

If you go to the YouTube site I found the three steps on:

you'll find the comments are full of the various thickness of cardboard the commenters used and the funny things that rode out on the cardboard (hair band, quarter, plastic twist tie, etc.)


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This worked for me, and it was a SCREW!!! :) thanks


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I think there is a problem with the sensor of the rollers ( don't know the exact word in english..)

Try these steps :


kind regards,


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Hi Kevin,

On the page you provided a link to, the English text appeared to be poorly translated from another language. I could not guess what the original text may have been.

Also, the instructions contained links to 2 YouTube videos, but they were narrated in Spanish, and I can speak and read only English.

The video seemed to be instructions on how to re-set sensor plate on the left side. But it did not include a section on how to remove the left cover of the printer.

Thank you for your attempt to explain. I'm sorry I could not understand it.




Hey No problem, i can't read or speak spanisch .. so no wories.

but i worked a lot on printers, pc.. etc so i know what to do, i will try to help you trough a guide or explain it to you.

i made a guide on a pixma printer (little different model) maybe you can check this guide. If it's to different please contact us again

good luck

Kind regards Kevin


maybe is this some extra help :


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These steps worked beautifully!

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