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iPhone5 boots to apple logo 10 15 seconds and then shuts down

My Iphone 5 boots to apple logo 10-15 seconds and then shuts down.

I was using it when it gone off ....

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Is it detected in iTunes? Does it show the phone is in recovery or DFU mode?

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It sounds as if your battery has died. Have you tried to power it on while charging/plugged into computer? If this does not work, I highly suggest replacing the battery. You can get this replaced at your local Apple store or do it yourself. iFixit offers both the part and guide on how to do this.

iPhone 5 Battery

Reemplazo de la batería del iPhone 5

I hope this helps!

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iPhone 5 Battery


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If the battery is dead, it would show a flashing dead battery.

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If the battery was physically drained yes it would show a flashing battery. That is to show it needs charged. However, when a battery is dying over time, it often will shut down. When your iPhone shuts down it is not receiving any power. Again, I'd suggest to test to see if it is recognizable in charging/plugging into computer.

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@TechnoGeek - I'm impressed, you give very good answers for a newbie or long time user to the site ;-) Your expertise is obvious. And are very welcome. If you would please work on your profile a little so we can get to know you.

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Technogeek then why does the apple logo come on? If the battery voltage is 3.7v or above, the phone will power on. You would see a noticeable difference if the battery drains THAT fast.

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I don't pretend to understand every working aspect of a phone and I hope you don't either. Considering he was using it when this first started to happen, I believe it is a power/hardware issue and nothing related to software considering the information Mansour has shared. I only gave my knowledge of the subject and hope it was helpful for Mansour.

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