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Thin red line on TV screen


I have samsung UA37D5000 tv. There is thin vertical red line appearing in TV. When I called up the local samsung service guys to check, they said they have to replace the panel and costs almost 23K. I don't believe in their words. Will you be able to tell if it's the real panel issue or some board issue.

If I have to open the TV, it would be helpful to have a teardown guide for my TV.

Attached the picture of the red line on the screen.

Block Image



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I have same issue


karenggivens same TV? Same issues? If so then it is the same answer. TAB error.


I have 40" Samsung Curved LED TV. I have the same problem. Vertical line is approx one feet from left side and stationary. Please suggest.


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Rajesh Ravindran this sounds like a TAB error. You need to let us know which direction the line goes (horizontal vs. vertical. Take the back off and see if you can see the flat ribbon cables that go into the LCD panel. Apply some pressure on those cables at the place where the line originates from. If that changes the line you know that it is a TAB error. Sometimes applying that pressure is enough to fix it before replacing it. Take some pictures of what your TV looks like with the back off so that we can show your were the tabs should be. Also post an image with the TV on so we can see that line. Use this guide for that.

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Rajesh Ravindran yes Sir that is a Tab error. You'll have to remove the back of your TV and see where the flat ribbon cables enter the top of the LCD panel. Put some pressure on that cable and you should see the line disappear. LEt us know what you find. If you are unsure take pictures and post with your question so we can help you further.


Thanks a lot...It worked...You saved my Rs 23,000


sir i have HCL 15.5" monitor model-Y156W. i have same problem one vertical thin red line is come in my screen plz solve my problem


I have a Samsung un75ju7100f with this red vertical as mentioned above. Could this be a Tab Error also. Would like to know before I remove the back of my tv. Thanks in advance!


@teaba99er yes it could and most likely is a tab error.


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