Screen goes "blank" after initial start up; how do I fix this?

I've had my Nextbook for about 3 months, and it has worked fine for the most part. Had some issues with battery power, but figured out the problems with the short cord on my own, so I know THAT isn't the problem now.

My problem is that after I have powered the computer on, and the Nextbook start page shows up on the screen....then nothing else does. I have tried pushing every button I can think of, and then some. I have also let the tablet run out of power and restarted it. And still no go.

Can anyone suggest something else, or is there a way I can reset it to factory specs without being able to use the screen and then reload my Microsoft Office?

Please help! I do some online work and can do it from my desk top, but like the Nextbook as it allows me to hang out with my son while he plays or watches TV instead of having to be in a different room.


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is your nextbook android, windows ARM(RT), or full windows x86/x64


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