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Repair guides and support for Panasonic's Viera line of televisions.

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My Panasonic tiera tv blinks 7 times

My Panasonic tiera tv blinks 7 times . I just tried the unplug trick. left it off for 5min . No luck.What does the 7 blink mean?

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maryloudicarlo for Panasonic in general the cause for 7 blinks are usually:

Driver SOS2

(SU/SD Connector DET)

(SU/SD Scan and Logic IC)

Most likely an an SU/SD fault but could also possibly be a loose board connector, or a mis-seated connector leading to the panel. Check those. For more in depth information you do want to give us your complete model number.

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model number is TC-P50GT30. Tried holding the power button for 60 sec, and the power and volume together. Hear it click on, but blinking starts again. Is it cheaper to buy a new one since I can't fix it myself??


@planejane why can't you? A replacement SC board will be around $150USD. There are also repair kits out for that board, since it has common failed components, for about $30 but this will require soldering. Replacement cost for your TV is about $1500USD. So I would definitely think about fixing it. Remember that you joined a forum where people do not mind helping you out. welcome to ifixit.


Same problem model number TC-P42S30


iv had this I replaced TNPA5335BG but just made a pop and now its redoing it


bengston89s okay so you replaced the SC board. What model TV is yours? What are the symptoms? What did you check prior to replacing it?


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