My camcorder is not holding a recording

Just yesterday, my camcorder began to malfunction. What's happening is that the camera will turn on normally and everything seems to be in working order. I will press "record" and the camera appears to be recording normally. However, when I stop recording and go to check my playback, in place of where the recording should be is a small box with a question mark. If I select it, it says "NO IMAGES." I have tried using a different memory card, and deleting some of the old footage on the existing card, but nothing is helping.

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Alex was the camera dropped damaged in any way or did it get wet ? Some things you may want to check . First look closely at the card slot to see it there happens to be any fuzz or dirt in the slot . if you do clean it use a toothpick or pic made from wood or plastic , don't use anything steel.also check if the camera is seeing the card and finally check in your settings to see if the camera isn't trying to record to the internal memory and not the memory card.

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Hi Jim, thanks for your thoughts. It hasn't been dropped or damaged in any way, hasn't gotten wet. Double checked the card a lot, no fuzz or dirt. And yes, the camera appears to be recording to the card (except that it isn't recording anything).

Any other thoughts or suggestions you might have in light of this information would be very helpful, thank you again! :)


You can try formatting the camera this will show how to do it but beware that formatting it will erase any movies you have on the camera


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Did this ever get resolved?? I have the exact same problem. Formatting the card didn't change anything except that instead of the box with a question mark, there is a new icon in its place. It is a box with a broken link (a green image icon is at the bottom right-hand corner). ???

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