Repair and support for the 2015 version of the Google-produced laptop line, the Chromebook Pixel. This newer version improves the processing power, battery life and add new features to the 2013 model.

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How can I reset a 'managed by' chromebook pixel?

Hi guys! I recently bougth a used chromebook pixel on eBay. Unfortunately, it is 'managed by ...' and I have no idea about how to reset it.

Is it possible?

Thank you so much and sorry for my bad english :)

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Contact organisation that it is managed by and ask them to clear it for you, shouldn't be any problems if they've sold or given it away.


Thank you for your answer but I haven't been able to do that! The organization seems to do not exist, I looked for it on google but there was not any good result. The seller does not answer and I did not pay with paypal, so my chromebook is such a beautiful 400€ ornament.


@Luca Manna - Were you able to get to get this sorted? Is the Chromebook working now?


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I seem to have accidentally deleted my first answer :(. You could try following this guide to "power-wash" your device externally to the logon screen. I am assuming that you are using the device for personal reasons and will not need to "enrol" your device in to another organisation.



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Yeah, just for personal use; I'll try tonight! Thank you so much!!




Forced enrollment is what I am facing too, I discovered who the organization is and called them, just to see how they respond. Oh, you most likely have a virus on your windows machine... (me)It is a chromebook... (them) Just reboot it and log in again. (me) this laptop was sold from your organization and needs to be wiped, it has corporate data on it.... (them) Just insert a Windows 10 boot disk and it will work... (me) <click>

You are faced by a "forced enrollment" which indeed makes the unit no longer usable, or is it.... Two ways to go about this, on the laptop is a VPD (read up on RMA Shim) or TPM that contains a serial number tied to a tag on the machine.

Using an Eeprom socket reader (look like a big clothing pin) that can read the 8 pins on the chip. Extract into an EeProm reader program through a USB dongle like this:

Write a new serial number.

OR replace the motherboard, ebay is selling them.


So I did actually purchase two laptops that were enrolled and I have confirmed both to be perfectly working now without enrollment, I can power wash them, go into developer mode and do whatever I want with them. The steps are quite easy but it does require you open the laptop and have the EeProm programmer with the socket reader. Remove the battery make sure system is shut down (no power connector) Connect the socket reader, download the eeprom from the locked device, modify serial number and set enrollment = 1 to enrollment = 0, plus change the admin_forced = 1 to admin_forced = 0 - this can be done using a hex editor. Make sure to make a copy of the original file!! Now erase the eeprom using the programmer software, push the modified eeprom onto the machine. Either close up the machine or insert power and start with recovery USB and make sure you start the system with esc+refresh+power to get the yellow ! and system now automatically updates from USB. After this you are good to go


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