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Water Damage,What to do? Galaxy S5 ASAP PLEASE


I need to fix a water damaged Galaxy s5. Less than 48 hours ago, someone jump into the pool with it in its pocket. In under 15 seconds, it was out of the pool and the battery was removed. I wiped it dry, than brought it home to rest on a towel. I think water got in because the charging port cover broke off and the top indicator was red. The bottom one was white. My hands were a little wet when i pulled out the battery, so that might have made the sensor trigger. I did not put it in rice, I don't think it would work. It has been laying on a towel for less than 48 hours from when it was wet. I am wondering if i have to take apart the phone to get to the logic board. I don't want to risk breaking the glass. Can I just soak the phone in 99% isopropyl alcohol? Or will anything melt? I did not try to turn it on or anything at all. I have repaired iPads before. Please help.

Update (06/27/2016)

Any help appreciated

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What happens if you turned the phone on and tried to charge the phone, is it ruined?

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Hi @Robert Stalvey,

Whether the phone is able to be retrieved after it has gotten wet and then tried to be charged etc. can only be determined after it has been properly cleaned and inspected and then tested to see if it works or what problems if any are still evident.

If a phone hasn't been cleaned properly after immersion in water and there is still water present inside the phone, components inside the phone could be irreparably damaged if you turn on the phone or try to charge it.

Water is a conductor of electricity and it provides circuit paths that were not catered for in the design of the phone. This means that components may be forced to carry more current than what they were designed to do due to a circuit path being where it shouldn't be. The first rule when any electronics get wet is to remove any power source (mains or battery) to prevent any further damage. If you cannot easily remove the battery (as is the case in a lot of phones) then do not turn it on, again to minimize the amount of power flowing through the circuits. it is bad enough as is that you cannot easily totally isolate the battery with a switch.

Also due to the impurities in water there is an electrolytic reaction with the metals in the phone which causes corrosion to occur. That is why the phones have to be opened and cleaned properly as corrosion can ruin some components in the phone

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@demskillzmc good thinking about the rice. It does not work. Yes you will have to take it apart.

Next thing to remember is to not trying to charge, sync or otherwise use your phone. This potentially can make a bad situation worse.

The very first step I would take is to disassemble your phone. Use these guides to disassemble your phone. Take a careful and close look at all components and connectors. Truly assess the damage. Look for major corrosion, evaluate the pins in the connectors etc,. Take a look at all connectors as well as cable ends. After that I would suggest that you clean it a couple of times in sterile water, not drinking water (this will flush away some gross contamination). Use a soft brush and clean it very, very thouroughly with the sterile water. You must remove all the EMI shields. Once you got the gross contamination cleaned, use 90%+ isopropyl alcohol and clean your parts some more. For a proper cleaning, use this guide. It was written for a Apple iPhone 3G but it is still pertinent to your phone as well. I can not stress the importance of a good cleaning enough, so do it over and over while replacing the alcohol after each cleaning. Do not use compressed air for the cleaning since that can drive liquid as well as corrosion particles into areas that will cause trouble later on. Do not use drinking water, if you need to use water, use sterile water. Also, you do not need to leave it to dry for a day. Isopropyl alcohol in the higher concentration will evaporate quickly and dissipate the water. The importance here is the cleaning. The best cleaning of course would be with an ultrasonic cleaner, so consider to get it professionally cleaned Do not forget to replace the battery. This is a must and not an option. It will fail if you do not take care of it now. After all the reassemble your phone and re-evaluate. Keep in mind that water damage is the hardest to troubleshoot and to repair.

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Thank you! I appreciate it

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