Announced on October 16, 2014, the iPad Air 2 is a thinner successor to the iPad Air.

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Question about replacing iPad Air 2 front glass screen.

Hi folks,

I dropped and shattered the glass screen on my iPad Air 2 but the touch LED beneath is perfectly fine and working.

I have read comments that replacing the glass front alone is murder because it's practically fused to the LED display beneath and trying to separate them can very easily result in wrecking the LED completely.

Is this true? Should I not bother with trying to replace and fix just the glass and replace the entire LED+Glass assembly instead?

Thank you.

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That is 100% correct. The digitizer and LCD are fused together to create a single unit, and separating them to do a glass-only replacement requires an LCD separator machine, polarizer scraper, and some additional equipment and OCA to refuse the new glass. Additionally, this procedure will be fairly difficult considering the size of the display. So, unfortunately, your best bet is to replace the assembly as a whole.

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Thank You Evan that's as I suspected. I'm surprised there are apparently so many people even attempting this repair and claiming to have success using a piece of chewing gum and a tea spoon in their bedrooms.

Any suggestions a to the best place online to buy this 'whole assembly' please for an iPad Air 2?


That's interesting. I've seen some creative techniques for doing glass-only repairs on iPhones with varying degrees of success, but I can't imagine any homebrew approach would be effective with a screen that big. We carry iPad Air 2 assemblies in our store if you want to pick one up.


Yes Iv'e done iphones myself but that's a different and much easier story :) Thanks for the link.


Ok so removing broken one is kind of straight forwards accroding to this..

iPad Air 2 Wi-Fi Display Assembly Replacement

But odd there is no guide on fitting the replacement.. in particular the micro soldering involved. I wonder why? Too difficult maybe.


I'm not sure what you mean by fitting the replacement, but you should be able to follow that guide to replace the screen as it is. If you're referring to the micro soldered part on the back of the display to the left of the home button, the displays we currently sell do not have that part, but we haven't been able to identify its purpose. Maybe you can shed some light on it?


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Hi, I have a source for screens with the sleep wake sensor pre soldered. They're $99.00, which seems high, but let me just say that it's totally worth it. Repair is simple. I can't give out my source but I'll sell you one or two.

Email me at

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@ irevive - I'm def interested, and plan on doing the repair myself. What other supplies will i need - anything that's staring me not in the face? I've seen clashing advice on what's needed.

I have the micro screwdrivers, guitar picks, priers and such. Any adhesives needed?

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