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The PlayStation 3 Slim is the second version of the PS3 video game console produced by Sony Computer Entertainment. It was released September 1, 2009.

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Whats wrong with my disc reader

I took My ps3 apart and when i put it back together one of the cords unpluged and i pluged it back in on the cd reader and now it is not functional at all none of the motors on it are working neither is the reader. Do you think it may be the wiring or the disc reader itself??? I did see one of the wires had a little nudge in it...

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BluRay drive is connected to the motherboard with 2 cables, a fex cable and a 4 or 5 wire cable.

The 4/5 wire is providing power to the drive.

Usually, with only the 4/5 wire cable connected, the drive should be able to accept a disk.

Visually check this cable for any damage (wire cut, pin getting out of the connector, ...)

Also check the connector solders on the motherboard if you feel you pulled too hard on it.

Another possible culprit is the narrow flex cable connecting the 2 boards of the drive. This is responsible of giving power to the eject motor and sending gears positions to the main board.

Testing the continuity from connector to connector (while the tiny flex cable is still in place) with a Ohm-meter would be a good option.

If everything is fine, verify that the big flex cable, that links the drive to the motherboard, still has its 2 lock bolts on each side (4 total).

If the locks are damaged, that means you didn't press the metallic tab on the connector before pulling the flex. A flex replacement is mandatory (other solutions like taping the flex to the motherboard would be only temporary).

Then check if the tracks of the flex cable has been damaged (bended/folded/pinched too hard)

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Thanks i appriciate it. I replaced all the main wires and it works again...

- de

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