Tyan S2927-E hangs at bootup on checkpoint code D0

I bought a Tyan Motherboard on Ebay and it fails to boot or show video. It has a built in POST card, so without display I can still see which BIOS checkpoint it is at. It flashes FF but hangs at D0 which means "The NMI is disabled. Power on delay is starting. Next, the initialization code checksum will be verified"

http://msevm.com/data/ami.pdf List of checkpoint/beep codes

Hardware used:

Tyan S2927A2NRF-E

AMD Opteron 2389

Kingston KVR800D2D8P6K2/4G

Nvidia 560 Ti

Noticed peculiarities:

When the board arrived the CMOS battery measured 50 mV.

Things tried without any difference:

Different GPU (8800 GTS or PCI)

One CPU instead of two

Different CPU (2378 Opteron)

Different RAM set ups, used slot 1 and 3 for both CPU's (total 8 gig) but also one slot or all 4 slots on with one CPU

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