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eMachines 2220 desktop computer.

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key board is locked

my keyboard is locked,it would not let me type in anything

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You can try shutting down the computer and restart. If the keyboard came unplugged by some chance the computer will not recognize it until it has been shut down and rebooted, unless of course it is a usb keyboard. USB devices are hot swappable and do not require the computer to be off before plugging in.

If that does not work you may have a bad keyboard. Luckily, they do not cost much to replace. A second hand store is a good place to pick up a spare for just such occasions.

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Fred, excellent answer to a very, very old question :)

- de

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Try unplugging it and plugging it back in.

Does the caps lock key turn on the caps lock light on the keyboard?

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Do the green lights on the keyboard come on momentarlly when you reboot ot turn on the computer?

Is it a USB or a PC type plug?

Open the device manager and locate the keyboard line. Is there an exclamation mark over it?

If it's a USB type try a different USB port.

If it's a PC connector make sure it's not plugged into the mouse port.

Then come back here and report your finding then we'll take it from there.

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