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Poor cell data signal after charging connector changed

I took my iPhone 6 in for a charging port replacement as it was not charging. They replaced the charging dock assembly but when I got it back, the cellular phone and 3G data signal is substantially poorer than before. I do not get signal at all in places I used to get fine signal, and other places I got great signal I get very poor signal. I have lived and worked in the same area for 3 months and had consistent signal every day without change, only now after this repair it is suddenly substantially worse.

I took it back to the shop and explained but they washed their hands of it and said there was no issue.

On the iPhone 4 there were a number of metal tags that connected the cell antennae and if these weren't connected fully it could degrade signal.

What can I check on the iPhone 6 that could be responsible for degraded signal? I do get some signal in some places but it is much worse than before and it is definitely since they replaced the charging dock.

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I had the same problem after doing this repair myself. I then replaced the original part and the signal was fine again. Next I got a replacement part from a different source (not ebay) fitted that, and all is good. So my experience is it was a faulty part. This seems to be a common problem.


i have the same problem after installing a new connector from ifixit. I think the new part is faulty, i will try to get ifixit to send me a new one.


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First of all, why did they replace charging port?

It is actually quite rare to damage the iPhone lightning port, 80% of the time, it is just dirt, lint, fluff etc. Inside the port that prevents proper charging.

As for signal, it's possible if they replaced it that it may be a low quality part, or they haven't connected everything up correctly.

You could open it up and post some pictures here for me to have a look at, I could possibly help then. :-)

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Hey @gedo1992 how familiar are you to replacing the charging port assembly+ on an iphone 6? I just need to know what to avoid to damage the phone, I have successfully replaced the front screen and battery in the same phone so i know a little bit but, this is going to be the hardest repair that i have done. The reason I am repairing the part is, recently my phone was dropped in water but i threw it in a mix of rice and damprid, after about 5 days i tried to plug it in and it ran like a champ again, but when i took the charger out it had corroded so i took a further look and after some thinking and inspection, i found that the damprid had caused damage in the charging port.


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