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No power to TV

Panasonic Viera plasma TV Model THP42X50Z:

Went to use remote like normal, wouldn't turn on. Thought flat batteries, went to do it manually...nothing. There is not even the red standby light. Have checked power socket, other items working fro there (stereo, dvd player) Help please!

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@sunsurfer111 this could be as simple as a blown fuse but could also indicate a more serious problem with the power board. You'll have to remove the back of the TV and check the fuse on the board with a multimeter for continuity.

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Ok I've done that the fuse is fine.


Mavis Senior okay now I am confused? Who are you ;-)? Anyhow. You have the same TV? Describe your error as well as all the things you have tried so we can try to help you as well.


Thank you, you helped me eliminate some things, so I could go on with my diagnoses.


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