Cut (Crop )image up negative down normal

Plz suggest me how to repair my Tv.

Last 2 dy my Tv screen cut image .

Tv up side like negative screen & down side Normal so plzz

what's problem...

My tv num :panasonic tx-32lx70c

Update (06/06/2016)

Block Image

See attached file and plzz suggest

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@mayur could be a panel issue. Just to verify your image appears cropped, upside down and inverted? Post some images of what you see with your question. Use this guide Adding images to an existing question for that.


@mayur the grey on the bottom of the TV's display or is that just on your picture?


That's just on picture,

But top side defect( black sheds ),

See channel name line

Cut he face..


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@mayur unlikely that this would be caused by a bad LCD or a bad driver logic. I would suggest that you start with your settings first. Make sure that you have things like "mirrored" etc. not accidentally turned on. If your menu has a factory reset, try that.

If you are 100% sure that your settings are right and that a reset did not resolve this, you'll have to open up your TV and take a look at the boards. Check for obvious damage and post images of those boards with your question.

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What's Problem My Tv.

Plz Tell Me Details...

I hve open My Television And Clean Dust Also.

Bt No Idea What Can I.

So Plzz Explain Me..

This Problem Faced Last Two Weeks .

Power Shut From Electricity .When

Power Come That Time To Till Date This Problem Faced..

I Don't Understand What's Problem on Television..


@mayur Have you done a complete reset yet? Go into your TV's setup menu


Which side show reset menu


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