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Procesador Intel Core i7-4720HQ 2.6 GHz 8 GB de RAM Disco duro de 1 TB 7200 rpm Pantalla de 15,6 pulgadas; Gráficos NVIDIA Geforce GTX965M Windows 8.1

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MSI GE 62 stuck on infinite loop of "preparing automatic repair"

I am stuck here with this problem. When I start my MSI GE 62 2QC Apache, it loads and say's "Preparing Automatic Repair" and after a couple seconds it just restarts and does it all over again.

How should I fix this problem ?

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Either your operating system has become corrupted or hard drive is going bad. You'd have to wait for others to comment about this issue.

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Sadly the HD has gone on you. You might be able to get the bad sectors mapped out with a good formatting tool. You'll need to boot up on an external drive to do this. For many a year I used SpinRite to do this but they haven't upgraded it yet for Windows 8 or 10. Give Windows format tool a try otherwise you'll need a new drive.

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