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Top case different part nos.

I have a 2006 15" MacbookPro 2.0Ghz A1150 and I am trying to replace the top case. I bought one secondhand for a part no. 620-3739-A and it has a part no. 620-3381-A. Where the keyboard fits, there is an extra wires Should either of these part nos fit? I hope you understand. If not I will explain in more detail. Thanks, Barrie Beckman

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Sorry for the delay!

The 620-3381-A upper case is for an A1150 model MBP 15". The Bluetooth board for the A1150 is in the lower case near the hard drive.

The 620-3739-A upper case is for an A1211 model MBP 15". The Bluetooth board for this model was moved up to be attached to the upper case. The extra wires you see are for Bluetooth.

As far as I know, the parts are also incompatible due to connector location and size. Your best bet is to return the part and purchase one from a trusted vendor that ensures compatibility.

Sorry for the bad news!

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I spent some time trying to find the differences and could not. The extra wire may be for a ambient light sensor. See if there is a receptacle for it on the logic board. I would wait for Ben Eisenman for a definitive answer.

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