A 10-inch tablet co-created by Google and Samsung for the Nexus product line.

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My Nexus tablet won't connect to Wi-Fi

My Nexus 10 tablet used to connect to the internet just fine, but now I cannot seem to get the Wi-Fi to connect, even with a known working network. I tried to reboot my device, but it won't work.

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Most often, problems like these are caused by simple issues. As seen on the Nexus 10 Troubleshooting page, WiFi connection issues are most often caused by simple problems.

Make sure that WiFi is on and Airplane Mode is off. Either of these would stop you from connecting to a network.

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in my case, I know airplane mode is off, because WiFi is on and you can see a list of AP's. when I try to connect to a known AP with a verified password, it flashes that it is connecting, and then goes back to "saved"


Ditto. I can see the network, it says it's connected but the tablet isn't registering it. I rebooted, no luck.


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