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Pantalla de 24"; Cámara iSight, micrófono y parlantes incorporados; resolución de 1920x1200. Lanzada en octubre de 2008, identificado por el número de modelo A1267.

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Who can replace the logic board on this vintage screen? Apple wont.

The Apple network don't support or supply parts for this old display (circa 2009). What are my options for getting teh logic board fixed. Powers up and sound works just no image.

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The main problem is that we don't have a teardown guide for it. We really need to know the exact model, that information should be on the bottom of the stand. First the logic board is probably good. Hook it up to your computer and boot up, then shine a flashlight at an angle tot he screen to see if you can discern an image. This was about the time that Apple moved over from using inverters to using an LED driver boards and LED backlight boards. One of these boards may have failed. The board may be able to be repaired or replaced. Let us know the results of the flashlight test.

I did find how to open it here:

Even better! I found the technician guide here:

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Its really not worth fixing.... it would be cheaper to buy a 1920x1080 screen then fixing it... take a look at this

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