Printer is off line

My printer was working perfectly, the fax, scan and printer until I was FORCED to have Windows 10. Now I am told that "my printer is offline." How do I get it back online so I can use it?

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hey sheila you did not installed driver of your printer on your pc when you change your windows

get you printer CD/DVD and install them or go to properties of my computer /this pc and choose device manager ==hardware and there you can see which drivers is not installed and update them i hop it was been helpful.

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The “printer gets offline” issue arise due to various reasons like wi-fi connectivity, power supply issue. Check the connectivity setting through the control panel. If still issue comes visit https://www.canonprintersupportnumbers.c... for the canon printer related issue.  The steps to make it online is as follows:-

# Click on Control Panel and Choose Printers.

  1. Follow the next instruction.
  2. New windows pop up with the list of currently working printer.
  3. Double click on the printer you want to reconnect.
  4. The details of the current printer pop up.
  5. Click on use printer offline.
  6. After that printer will be reconnect to online status.


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