Also known as the PS one, or the PSone, this device is the slim version of the original PlayStation, released in 2000.

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AV Multi out port broken?


yesterday i was installing my psone again. now when i turned it on, i had like a black screen with white and grey stripes running on the screen. The sound from the PSone was playing and it could read the game that was in it. only the video didnt work. so i bought a new AV Cable and still the problem is there. So i think my AV multi out port is broken. now im not sure, so thats why i wanna ask if there is a sollution to this. If there is not, where can i buy a AV multi out port?

i tried another TV and some other AV connection ports. but didnt work :(

hope you guys can help me




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I have just experienced this issue as well. The way i solved this issue is to remove the motherboard from the console and re-flow the motherboard. By re-lowing i mean i put the motherboard into the oven for 15 minutes at 350*F , so yeah, the risk is real =)

The plastic that surrounds the av out, power, and controller ports, get warm but do not melt from the heat. sadly i cannot say the same for the plastic that holds the power button locked in place, can and will melt.

My PSone is working perfectly now. I wish you the best of luck with your repairs, hopefully this process will help you too.

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Did you place the motherboard on anything specific?


Did you place the motherboard on a cooking sheet or something? I've got OP's problem too, so if it takes a baked board for my Playstation to work, then by God that's what it'll take.


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Heating the board in the oven for 15 min on 350 deg. worked for me. Just take off the power button. BE CAREFUL when you do because there is a little metal piece that looks like a staple in there that will fall out. Either take it out or keep your board upright until you put the power switch back in.

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