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Announced in March 2015 and released April 10, 2015, the Galaxy S6 Edge is the curved-screen version of Samsung's newest flagship smartphone.

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galaxy s6 edge won't turn on and recognized on computer

Hi, my friend's Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge powered off randomly (without low battery, water damage, drop, etc.) and won’t turn back on. When she plug it in to charge with the cable or wireless, the phone just gets hot in the top portion of the device. The computer doesn’t recognize it when she plug it in and recovery modes do not allow the screen to turn on either. Even the LED light will not flash or turn on. Verizon and Best Buy both said they didn’t know what happened or how to recover any of my photos or files.

Any advice? Thank you!

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@kaye "water damage" is most likely the bigger issue on here. The phone would have to be properly cleaned first. If you do not clean it, you cannot diagnose it.

Start by disassembling your phone. even so there is know guide as of yet, this teardown should help you getting into the phone. Remove the circuit board and clean all the parts with 90%+ isopropyl alcohol and a small brush. Use this guide to show you how to clean. It was written for an iPhone, but all the points are pertinent to your phone as well. You will also have to remove all EMI shields from the board to properly clean it. Once it is all cleaned, reassemble it with a new battery. This is not optional but a must. After that, re-evaluate for further trouble shooting. Water damage is the hardest to diagnose and to repair since virtually any part may have failed.

To "recover any of my photos or files." your phone has to be recognized. There is no other way. You will get a few answers suggesting recovery software, which will not work since your phone does not get recognized.

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Sounds like a power management chip has burnt out. Maybe the charging IC chip. You'll have to wait for someone experienced in this area to point out what is at fault. It's a short circuit issue somewhere on the logic board I think.

If your friend still have warranty for the device tell him to get it replaced.

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