The Epson WorkForce 645 is an all-in-one office color inkjet printer.

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Not printing red or blue ink

I think the printer ink channel/tube what ever it is call is clogged when I print I only get black and yellow is there away to clean the printer head. I have used the cleaning option on the printer as well as the head alinement option I have also replaced the ink cartridges but nothing has worked. Any ideas?

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I have used this product before and it worked great for a customer with a Epson Workforce inject printer.


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Epson Workforce 645 Ink Cartridge Replacement Tips

Step 1: Power on your Epson Workforce 645 printer.

Step 2: Wait for the LCD screen of the printer to inform you that an ink cartridge needs to be replaced.

  • If you want to replace an ink cartridge before its ink has been fully used up, press “Setup,” followed by “Maintenance,” then select “Ink Cartridge Replacement.”

Step 3: Press ”OK,” then select “Replace now.”

Step 4: Lift up the scanning unit of the printer.

Step 5: Open the cover of the ink cartridge compartment.

Step 6: Squeeze the tab located at the top of the ink cartridge, and lift the cartridge up and out of the printer.

Step 7: Dispose of the old ink cartridge immediately to prevent the ink from coming into contact with your skin, and with other working parts of the printer.

Step 8: Shake the new ink cartridge gently five times prior to removing the cartridge from its wrapper. Shaking the cartridge without packaging could result in an ink spill.

Step 9: Remove the ink cartridge carefully from its packaging without touching the green chip located on the cartridge.

Step 10: Remove the piece of yellow tape located at the bottom of the ink cartridge.

Step 11: Push the new ink cartridge firmly down into the holder until it clicks into place.

Step 12: Close and push down the cover of the ink compartment until it clicks into place.

Step 13: Lower the scanner unit into its original position.

  • Your printer will take up to three minutes to charge the ink, and will display a confirmation message on the console informing you that the printer is ready for use.

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