Repair guides for the Magic Trackpad.

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Battery corroded and is stuck in my apple trackpad.

How do I remove the corroded battery?

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I had this happen to me too. What happens when the alkaline batteries start to leak is they leave behind a white residue of potassium carbonate. That sort of seals the cap on. The notch in the cap is roughly about the thickness of nickel or a quarter. I had to use a quarter to get enough leverage to get the cap off.

I had started with a screwdriver but that had started bending the aluminum.

Once I got the batteries out I used vinegar to clean the contacts. Unfortunately it wasn't enough to save the trackpad, because even cleaned up I couldn't get it to turn on again. :(


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These are the worst. Apple keyboards and magic trackpads are notorious for this issue. You really have only 2 options, get the battery out and try to clean the connector to the battery, or get a new one :( The only way to pry the battery out via the entry point of the battery. You cant go through the back. Maybe a pair of forcepts or a spudger or both.

EDIT 5.14.16 5:41: This guy had some luck with a screw.

Imagen Metal Spudger


Metal Spudger


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The spudger was a great idea. I was able to get mine out by just using a small flathead screwdriver and tapping the trackpad forcefully on my palm. I used the screwdriver to loosen the batteries, around the edges, the the tapping did the rest.

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