Power Issue No Mag-Safe Light

This one has me stumped. No light on Mag-Safe adapter. Known good Mag-Safe adapter. Replace DC-In board. Installed new battery. Machine boots on battery power and says it is running on reserve power. The battery test light shows 6 of 8 lights on! Zapped PRAM, unplugged removed battery held power button for 10 seconds. No apparent water damage. The machine had been dropped and bent the upper case at the ethernet port (liked like a Z). Pulled it apart and repaired the Z damage. Customer reports that it was at this time that the Mag-Safe light no longer worked. Pulled and tested hard drive on another machine. Any ideas on what to go for next? I have no way to recharge this A1281 battery, as I think this is the only machine that uses it.

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What is the wattage of the AC adaptor you're using for troubleshooting?

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85 watt. Customer also reports that this was the problem after the drop. The only thing I can think of is that I may have gotten a bad replacement board but I kind of doubt it.

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Do you have any other Unibody 15" (Late 2008) MacBook Pros or

Unibody 15" (Early 2009) MacBook Pros in your shop that you could use to check the DC-in Board?

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