Htc one m7 - Rip a flex cable. What is it?

I open the phone to replace the camera. After I open the phone, I saw that I rip a flex cable that is attached to the top mother board. The location of the flex: with the screen facing down, it's on the top most on the left, just above the volume buttons.

It's thin and got a long u shape loop in it.

I turn back on the phone, everything seems to work fine.

But still would like to know what is it.

btw, some suggest its for the speaker, i checked, both my top and bottom speakers are working.


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Can you take a picture? I'm not really sure what cable this would be. Maybe the microSD or Sim Card slot?

Are you talking about the two antenna cables?

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i already closed the phone up. its not the sim card, as it can read the sime card, the phone does not have a microSD slot.

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