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An inexpensive 8-inch tablet with a premium feel. Released January 2014.

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Help identify this component. From Dell Venue Pro 8

My screen broke on the Dell Venue Pro 8. Upon opening it this blue component had broken off the right side of the top of the PCB. (see picture)

Block Image

I think this was broken off while I was taking the screen off so just a word of caution to anyone else opening one of these.

the board has

bellaire mainboard PCB rev 2.1 printed on it but I cannot find anything about it of use.

My guess might be that a 1 axis gyroscopic sensor of some sort as there are 2 of them orientated at right angles between one another.

Any thoughts?

Update (05/08/2016)

I can almost certainly confirm this component does not have to do with the orientation as I am still able to boot and it does rotate as expected.

Still I would like to find out where I can purchase this to re solder onto the board as this one has had it's solder points broken off when it snapped off the board.

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On the one that broke off is there and metal bits that you can see from the outside? (It may just be a spacer)

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ETHREAL1 thanks for your comment. I do not see any metal on the broken piece except for where it was soldered to the board. hopefully you are right and it is just a spacer but you would think they could use a piece of foam or rubber for that.

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I believe it is a spacer, if everything still works fine then I would not be concerned, the reason they would use plastic is that it will not flex (and it is cheaper) I would say if you really want to be safe get some super adhesive and glue it back on...

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The other side of the motherboard has no trace so I think you are right!

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