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The Nintendo 2DS is a handheld gaming device developed as an entry level version of the Nintendo 3DS with nearly identical hardware, but without the 3D upper screen function.

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Nintendo 2DS won't power on

I was walking home from my local McDonald's with my DS and soda when I had accidentally spilled my soda all over it. After wiping it down I had slid it into my pocket where I had left it on. When I made it home, my handheld won't turn on. After letting it sit in rice for about 2 days, I disassembled it and I didn't notice any corrosion so I don't think anything short-circuited. Can I please get a reply?

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Okay, so you've probably got soda within the system. I'm hoping the system wasn't on when the spill happened. Anyways, what you're gonna want to do is disassemble it again and give the PCB (printed circuit board) and other electronics a bath in isopropyl rubbing alcohol (probably around 90% or so) either with cotton balls, q-tips or even submerging the PCBs in a shallow bowl then cleaning them off with a soft bristle tooth brush. While you're in there, make sure your sleep slider is properly seated† and reassemble after it's dried off.

That should get your system turning back on. If you don't see anything after that, I'd suggest one more isopropyl bath and we can trouble shoot from there.

† - I just fixed a 2DS that wasn't turning on by fixing the sleep/volume sliders. Whoever owned the system before me (eBay junk) must have dropped it on the sleep corner and popped it out of the slider. After reassembling, it turned back on. Yes, the plastic also has some soda stains on it as well.

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What you did was made it worse.

# Did you hang it up side down over night

  1. When you took it apart were you rough
  2. Putting the ds in rice will some times clog the systems memory/motherboard
  3. Good

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