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Nintendo handheld device released February 2011, identified by model number CTR-001.

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Button sticker on the motherboard replacement


I would like to know how it's possible to replace the button stickers on the motherboard for the ABXY buttons. They seem to be sticked to the board.

My Y button doesn't work well because of this

Here's a picture of what I am talking about:


Update (05/07/2016)


Thanks for your answer. I replaced the sticker between the rubber piece and the board, this sticker contained the metal pads. I put the new ones I bought on AliExpress using tweezers, in less than 30 seconds it was perfectly aligned and works fantastic.

However I teared the camera flex cable a bit and now the back camera doesn't work, it stays on black, doesn't freeze the console.

I guess due to a health problem I have for some time my head isn't where it has to be since it's the first time I tear a flex cable

Replacing the cameras is a bit more difficult, althought for me the most difficult part would be being able to put the screen back without any dust particle inside. Which has been always a pain for me..

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I agree that putting screens on without any dust in the way is near impossible. Just keep a can of compressed air handy and do your best to keep it dust/lint free for sure. That's all I can do when replacing screens, digitizers and such.

I also didn't realize you could by the membrane button setup. That's great to know for the future. I went to the site you referenced and sure enough, there they are.

Thanks for the info and follow up!


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If you're talking about the rubber piece between the main board and buttons, yes, it should peel right off the board without any issue. If you're saying it's stuck to the board, then you'll need a replacement piece and clean off any stuck pieces with rubbing alcohol.

If you're describing the metal "buttons" attached to the board, then that's a far more advanced repair than I believe most are able to make in this position. If this is what you're talking about, you're probably better off buying a replacement board off eBay or other site.

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