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Esta es la página del dispositivo para el Samsung Galaxy J7. El sistema operativo que viene en stock para el dispositivo es Android OS v5.1.

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Google account sign up after format reset

Please help me! So I factory data reset my phone like maybe 5 times. And then when I log-in my account and pressed continue, but it shows another page says "please log-in your account" and then it shows the log-in page again and again after I tap continue when I enter my email and password. It didn't also told me that my email and password is wrong and don't exist. Just getting in the log-in page all-over-and-over. Please help me cause it's new and I did not open illegal sites so 0% of virus.

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You should be able to skip that step in the setup page. A Google account shouldn't be required to finish the setup for the phone

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There are no skip and no create new account.

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If the device is locked to a google account even after wiping the phone / factory reset / flashing firmware then you will either need to take it to samsung to remove it or take it to a mobile phone shop that can remove it. I know it can be done but only with special programming tools like Z3X box and etc.

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That's what I'm planning to @benjamen50 but I am so scared to tell my parents and I really appreciate the comments. I'm going to Samsung to fix it or maybe replace it to a new one. Love lots and my next Google search is "how to tell your parents something bad without making them angry"

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Hi, Can you access your Google account OK from another device like a PC, just to prove that the account still exists and that you are using the correct password etc?

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