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Lanzado el 19 de septiembre de 2014, este iPhone de pantalla de 5.5" es la versión más grande del iPhone 6.

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Screen is darker on top right section

So this is a new issue for me. I have replaced several iPhone screens including the iPhone 6 Plus, but this is the first time I have seen this:

Phone was water damaged and stuck in an Apple boot loop. First thing's first, with a water damaged phone, I removed all components, including EMI shields and gave it a good cleaning in an ultrasonic cleaner. Checked the phone for any blown components, shorts, etc. Everything checks out to the naked eye and a magnifying glass.

So when I re-assemble everything, phone is still stuck in boot loop, but that was resolved when I restored the device through iTunes.

Now the problem I am experiencing is that there seems to be some inconsistency with the backlight. The upper right corner of the screen is darker than the rest of the phone. The issue that appears is similar to this image:

I thought that this might have been from the water damage, so I tried a working screen from another iPhone. Same result. And after attempting a third screen (this time a brand new screen), and obtaining the same results, this leads me to believe something is wrong with the motherboard.

Has anybody had this issue before or does anybody have any advice on where to begin with this problem? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!

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Yeah this is common. The 6 Plus has 2 lines for the backlight, one of them is down. Could be a filter, diode, or backlight driver. Or a bad cap.

You'll need schematics and a multimeter to find the faulty component(s) and micro soldering tools to replace it (them).

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Also, it seems that the rear camera and front-facing camera are not functioning as well. Tried replacing both and still no fix. Just shows a black screen. Would this problem be related to the backlight driver or would this be a separate issue?

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Separate issue. If the liquid damage was severe, expect more things to go bad as time passed. If you're fixing this for someone, it will be a nightmare and keep coming back for random failures.

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Awesome! Thanks for all the help. And yes, I am repairing it for a friend, but it only has to last her a few more months until her upgrade is due. So I plan on fixing it but it only has to last a short time.

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I read this answer and thought, wow--this is a really great answer. This guy knows what he's talking about. Who is it?

Oh, it's Rany. Of course.

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I have a great teacher @jessabethany. You of course.

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