Trying to find IC power controller chip, found similar will it work?

After an accident with water, my laptop stop functioning. I checked the wiring, I teared down and even with nothing connected, its power led does not light up when I plug the power. So as I was searching for defects on the mobo i came across a chip that had something like dirt on its feet, after i cleaned it i found out it was missing some of its legs. The chip is TPS 51427 and it is responsible for stepping down and distributing the power if I understood correctly. The full name of my chip is TPS 51427 TI 9BI AICC G4, i tried searching for the exact same but could not find one. only similar to mine with the first code TPS 51427 being the same. My question do you know if it will work or maybe do even more damage on my laptop?

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