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The Kindle's big brother, the DX sports a large 9.7" e-ink display that reads like real paper even in bright sunlight.

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Can't turn off wireless

When i press the home button, It goes to the amazon store. When I press the menu button letters just come up in the search line. when I press the back button it goes to the book I was reading.

Before this, when reading the menu screen would keep popping on and off. it is an old kindle,

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Have you tried restarting it? It may just be glitching out.

[Edit] I have an old kindle fire hd, and after a year or two it started to glitch out. It stopped after doing a factory reset. If you have only books saved to the cloud, then it should be fine to factory reset, as the books can be reinstalled without purchase. If there are other applications with saved data, you should backup the information that you want to keep.

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